Crime Feat: Week of 1/29

Tuesday, 1/30 5:39 p.m.—The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Fairfield Edition: The Fire Department took its sweet-ass time getting to campus when The Tully truly, finally, actually set on fire. Friday, 2/2 3:06 a.m.—Public Safety was notified when two roommates in Jogues Hall got into a fight in the bathroom. When Public Safety officers arrived on … Continue reading Crime Feat: Week of 1/29

Crime Feat: Week of 1/22

Friday, 1/26 8:49 p.m.—A resident assistant in Campion Hall notified Public Safety after a group of students barricaded the bathroom door. Two public safety officers arrived, announced themselves, and were able to enter the bathroom. The floors were flooded, and DPS officers found clogged shower drains and ripped garbage bags so that students could make … Continue reading Crime Feat: Week of 1/22