Stagnation is run by Fairfield University undergraduates. Students interested in becoming a contributing writer are encouraged to contact us via email at or by direct messaging us on our instagram @fustagnation. More information can be found on our About Page.

2021-2022 Executive Board:


Mary Bevans ’23

Vice President: 

Victoria Bono ’24


Brandon Robles ’22

Marketing/Social Media:

Message us to apply!

Current Contributing Writers: 

Justin Sabogal ’25

Kevin Collazo ’25

Jacen Januseski ’25

Truman Gregorian ’25

Victoria Bono ’24

Mary Bevans ’23

Brandon Robles ’22

Previous Writers:

Mike Wishart ’22

Matt LaGanza ’22

Nathan Schmidt ’21

Diogenes ’21

Sam Millette ’20

Katherine Klima ’20

Gracianne Eldrenkamp ’20

Trevor MacDonnell ’20

Paul Bova ’20


Alyssa Vigorito ’19

Alec Lurie ’19


Alyssa Vigorito ’19

Alec Lurie ’19