Spotify Outage Causes Chaos and Panic on Campus

By Rosemary Harper

A rare outage from the popular music streaming platform Spotify caused introverts and gym bros alike to live their worst nightmare- a little over an hour of a musicless existence. 

At around 1:10pm EST on Tuesday March 8th,  when thousands of users were logged out of their accounts, Fairfield U students began experiencing anxiety attacks, spontaneous sobbing and perpetual eye twitching. DPS has reported that a number of suspected extroverted students called in panic requesting medical attention and advice. 

Students in the Rec Plex reported screams and students fainting in the weight room at the time of the outage. Stagnation spoke to Jack Hammer ‘23, who witnessed this first hand. 

“Yea, two girls dropped their weights and fell onto the floor.” Hammer said. “I heard a couple people screaming upstairs about it too.” 

75 students reportedly ran out of the building immediately after, some of them stating the sudden intense urge to eat a cheeseburger and take a 2 hour nap. 

It is also suspected that this outage has caused a rift between Apple Music and Spotify users on campus, and will cause further complications and conflict later on in the future. A new group on campus, calling themselves “AMS”- or Apple Music Supremicy (consisting of the .5% of Apple Music users on campus) has formed and is planning a march advocating for their streaming platform. 

At the time of this article, Spotify has been restored but the psychological trauma that comes from such an occurrence is sure to leave lasting effects. Stay tuned for our follow up report and coverage of the great platform debate. 

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