End of Restriction Celebration Extravaganza Announced

By Rosemary Harper

Fairfield University has announced plans to celebrate covid restrictions being lifted on February 28th. The first ever “end of restriction celebration extravaganza” will take place on March 1st in the BCC Oak room. A total of around 5000 students will be expected, as all class years have been notified, and will be required to attend the 2 hour long fiesta. Festivities will include an all you can eat finger food, a bobbing for apples contest as well as a mask piñata. Students are encouraged to do all the things they haven’t been allowed to do since the start of the pandemic and really embrace the feeling of going back to normal. 

“I’m so excited” Lucy Punch ‘23 said in an interview “I want to smack the shit out of that piñata.” 

There has been nothing but a buzz of excitement from students, as for the past two years the greatest desire of 18-23 year olds has been to go back to the days of cramped rooms with very little room to breathe. 

Out of an abundance of caution, students will be given PCR tests that may or may not have expired in the last six months. 

Be sure to post any pictures you can take with “#byecovid” and follow Stagnation for updates. 

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