Fairfield University Announces New State of The Art Binge Watching Course 

By Rosemary Harper

Fairfield University has announced a brand new state of the art binge watching course in keeping with the University’s promise to create current, useful classes for the next generation. 

Curricula will include: distinguishing productive watching from aproductive watching, identifying whether to watch a programme or film for societal acceptance or for your own enjoyment and pushing the boundaries of how many seasons of TV  an individual can watch in a 48 hour period. 

As a joint venture between the Film, Psychology, English, Economics, Studio Art, Engineering, Biology, Philosophy, Computer Science, Communications, International Studies, History and Digital Journalism Departments, this course will fulfil several core requirements in one go. 

According to spokeswoman Donna Watchman, Fairfield is excited about the kind of doors this opens for the university. 

“Our new Binge Watching for the Average Joe course will allow students to bring in their real world experience to the classroom. We’re excited about the directions this could take us in the future.” 

Those directions, according to anonymous sources, may include funding from national and international psychology research centres who will be psychoanalysing students taking the new course. 

The first semester of Binge Watching for the Average Joe will be taught in the Fall 2022 semester. The class of 2023 is very excited, as there is little to no chance of current freshmen and sophomore students securing a place. 

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