Stagnation Cancelled?! Competitive Conspiracies Afoot?

by Frederick “Quickie” Mercurium BARONE - After the latest COSO Academy, it was declared that Stagnation would be indefinitely suspended until Fairfield University shuts down. “Look, I’ll be real with you,” President Tammi Borami ‘24 of the Old Yellers Club, “When we saw those bigwigs on those ‘Stagnation’ guys, I knew that they really screwed … Continue reading Stagnation Cancelled?! Competitive Conspiracies Afoot?

End of Restriction Celebration Extravaganza Announced

By Rosemary Harper Fairfield University has announced plans to celebrate covid restrictions being lifted on February 28th. The first ever “end of restriction celebration extravaganza” will take place on March 1st in the BCC Oak room. A total of around 5000 students will be expected, as all class years have been notified, and will be … Continue reading End of Restriction Celebration Extravaganza Announced