Crime Feat: Week of 10/8

Friday, 10/12

7:09 p.m.—A student was denied entry to Red Sea Madness due to being overly excited about the pep rally.

11:07 p.m.—Students walking to the townhouses were crossing the street on McInnes Road when a black SUV turned out of the BCC parking lot. One student screamed ‘pay my tuition’ and rammed themselves into the car. No one realized that the DNCE crew were in the car after playing at Red Sea Madness, and band members now may actually pay that guy’s tuition. Sometimes it just b like that.

Saturday, 10/13

10:36 p.m.—A freshman student in Regis Hall was found to be in possession of three bottles of Rum, two bottles of Vodka, one bottle of Tequilla, a 6-rack, a water bottle filled with Hennessy, a rusty bucket of what he labelled as “my goddamn fucking moonshine,” a Thomas the Tank Engine sippy cup filled with an unidentifiable substance, and a flask filled with an apple martini. He was referred to student conduct.

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