Business Major Cleverly Minors in Finance

By Nathan Schmidt

Faculty members at Fairfield University were left scratching their heads in wonder as a business major made the never-before-seen decision to minor in finance. Theodore Tayne ‘21, who is currently pursuing his sophomore year of education in the School of Business, has diversified his academic résumé with an unexpected, finance-based twist that will surely spark curiosity and interest from his prospective employers down the road.

“I realized I didn’t have to try that hard to hit the course requirements,” said Tayne in an interview with Stagnation during a particularly noisy dinner rush in the Tully. If any words from his quotes are erroneous, it is due to the reporter mishearing them. “And I was thinking, you know, everyone has a minor, right? So I’d just grab this one in finance, and then I’d be a business major and a finance minor. Pretty beefy, right?”

In contrast to many business students who minor in departments from the College of Arts and Sciences or other institutions on campus, Tayne made the novel and inspired decision to minor in a field directly adjacent to his existing major. In the process, his education will be even further enriched by his focus on business, enabling him to specialize like no one else ever has.

Dr. Herbert Besselheim, who teaches applied ethics in the School of Business, commented on Tayne’s decision with unrestrained awe. “It’s like if a history major decided to minor in classical studies. No one does that kind of thing on campus, at least not nowadays. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out for Theodore. And I can speak confidently for the whole School of Business faculty when I say we admire his ingenuity.”

It remains to be seen whether any other business students will follow Tayne’s example, but in the meantime, he stands as a sole paragon for all the university of what a sufficiently clever student can become.

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