CAS Offers New Minor: Socialist Revolutionary Action

By Nathan Schmidt This week, the College of Arts and Sciences has announced a new minor, starting in spring 2021, for socialist revolutionary action. In the wake of other subversive and daring academic programs as seen in the Humanitarian Action minor and the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies minor, the CAS has now moved directly … Continue reading CAS Offers New Minor: Socialist Revolutionary Action

2020’s Hottest New Style: Communism

By Nathan Schmidt, For the Proletariat It’s a red-hot new year coming up, as Fairfield prepares itself for a revolutionary blast to the past with the new 2020 Communist style. Get ready for hammer-and-sickle-bearing hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers, all available at retailers near you for no price but your service to the motherland! The Communist … Continue reading 2020’s Hottest New Style: Communism