Coronacation: Fairfield Opens Zoom Meeting for All Students, Plays Tully Music

By Nathan Schmidt

This week, Fairfield officials announced the creation of a new Zoom meeting entitled “Tully VR,” where students can mingle and dine together just like they would on campus. The Zoom meeting is set to run 24/7 indefinitely, and students may spend as long as they want logged in, provided that they are eating something mediocre. Most importantly, everyone present in the meetings can enjoy the exact same soundtrack of inescapable hit music that they would on campus.

“I’m so happy!” exclaimed student Freda Mitcheliski ‘20 during a late-night lull in the meeting, when fewer than 50 students were in the chat and its breakout rooms. “I just hadn’t listened to Ed Sheeran’s ‘The Shape of You’ three times yet today, and then I found this chat and everything worked itself out.”

However, some responses have been mixed. Jorge Belazial ‘22 said, “I actually couldn’t hear the music over the sounds of people chewing. I need a therapist now.”

Overall, the Tully VR experience has already been a wild hit among Fairfield’s students, who have been climbing the walls in their own homes without the campus environment to socialize in. But now that everyone has been given one single meeting in which to eat shelf-stable meals, put on obnoxious virtual backgrounds, and blast different music than Tully VR was already playing, a glimmer of hope has returned to the community. When Fairfield’s students come back together, whether that’s in fall of 2020 or — more likely — after they reach retirement age, the Tully music will still be fresh in their minds.

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