Fairfield @ Night Announces New Parkour Challenge Around Campus 

By Rosemary Harper

F@N has announced a new and exciting initiative in which students will race against the clock and each other in their new Active Nites initiative. The planned course takes competitors through the Barone Campus Center starting at the Tully stairs and ending in the Lower Level BCC, with the event planned for March 1st 2020. 

In a recent announcement explaining the competition, the course was explained by over enthusiastic F@N staff Doris Johnson ‘23  and Dakota Klemon ‘23. Stagnation has part of the transcript below:

“Contestants will first go up the Tully stairs using only the railings, the floor is lava so don’t touch it or you will be humiliated and exiled from the University out of shame, no sympathy will be given — no exceptions. 

ONCE UP THE STAIRS OF TERROR you will do a lap of the tables around the Dessert/Pizza station — chair bridges are not permitted — and make your way to the stairs where you will ONLY slide down the rail. Keep in mind that the trickiest part of this leg of the course is avoiding the chunk of wall between the doorways — but concussed participants get 50 extra points overall and 10 points for each additional knock to the cerebral area. Remember that we will pay for the winning participant’s surgery, so go all out!” 

After this, it was announced that the participants were to go through the stag, out the exit door and around to the entrance inside to the Lower Level BCC all without touching the ground. Stay tuned to find out who breaks their skull and bones the most.

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