Fairfield University Cancels One-Episode Student Show

By Frederick “Quickie” Mercurium

The newest show on the Fairfield University streaming service, “The Stag Show with Gregory Luthers,” was immediately canceled after airing for 10 minutes. Luthers was brought into the Dean’s office to discuss his status as a Fairfield student as parents of freshmen students demand for his expulsion. Luthers denied any involvement with the show, claiming it was “another Luthers that came from Sacred Heart,” I was able to watch the full thing before the university shut down the service the show was airing on.

The show’s beginning started with a piano theme as Luthers walked onto stage alongside co-host Yossel Hugo. Luthers’ show consisted of multiple interviews with campus students about certain topics such as why Lucas the Stag never takes off his face and how the Tully chicken parmesan gets around campus. As expected, most students were visibly frightened or uncomfortable with how interviews went as Luthers performed questionable acts. One such act went from a conversation about turkey-flavored hair conditioner to Luthers stripping down to his boxers and bathing in teriyaki sauce. The show reached the credits before DPS burst live onto the set and detained Luthers. Whereabouts of Hugo are still unknown as local authorities attempt to locate him.

On the bright side, special guest Thomas Basingza won an Oscar for his appearance on the show as Jeffrey Epstein.

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