University Outsources Management of Record-Breaking Snowfall to Students

By Rosemary Harper

Last Tuesday, Fairfield encountered a massive blizzard that buried the entire northeastern region in snow for three days. Everything in town was shut down, thousands of homes lost power and road conditions were impossible. Winter storm Hades (named after the ancient Greek god of hell) was determined to be the worst storm by meteorologists across the country, yet the University remained open as usual. That morning, students woke up to a surprising notification in their inboxes, announcing that the school would be open and classes would be held as scheduled:

“Despite mildly troublesome weather conditions, Fairfield University will be open as usual. Nothing is cancelled. Shovels will be provided (to be picked up from FUSA office) to all students to ensure ease of mobility between campus buildings.”   

For 72 hours, Fairfield students and faculty furiously dug their way around campus with what later were figured out to be spoons from the Tully. When we say “later,” we mean after the barricade of snow melted enough for a short walk from Gonzaga to Canisius to be manageable. The result of this extensive digging period was an elaborate system of tunnels unintentionally (yet carefully) cultivated by some students and faculty. However, many other students from all undergraduate classes were seen slamming themselves headfirst into the walls of snow like rams. Their parents would be so proud. 


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