Mr. Macabre’s Hall of Happiness – The Beauty of Nothing

Michael Atkins

A new exhibit was opened in a new wing of Loyola Hall, dubbed “Mr. Macabre’s Hall of Happiness”. The contributor seems to have been under the name “Mason Macabre,” funding completely all of its construction. Given free admission for a review, I entered the hall with a positive fight.

Entering the pitch-black painted room, there was no indication of a proper light source. However, the room was somehow well lit, radiating some sort of energy that defies the natural laws of science. Walking through the exhibit became long and tedious, strange considering that the new hall was merely 5 x 5 ft. There were no paintings at all to speak of, no works of art in sight. It was just a narrow hallway that had no end and no beginning as I turned around me.

I found myself wrong as the walls began latching onto my body and thrusting down to the absolute end of the hall, at the beginning of a shadow the light would not bear to touch. At that moment, I felt as though there was something looking at me from within it. All I heard were giggles and smiles, something that sounded like an old friend. And then, I heard something from the darkness, in a familiar and happy voice.

“The FUSA Senate will decide your fate.”

To make a long story short, FUSA tricked me into a confined space where they planned to lock me away in the basement of Loyola. I had known too much about their plans to overfund Lucas the Stag’s new Townhouse mansion hidden deep on the campus. Nevertheless, I remain persistent in biting my way out of my binds as I type this article. After spending about a good semester with the basic stuff like bread and water, I’m just about ready to get back out. Until next time!


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