Masked Prankster Drops Tide Pods into People’s Water Bottles

By Chase Galloway

The laundry room is always total ass. There is always some dryer not working and like, 99 minutes racked up on it. And most of the washers either have a bunch of finished clothes just sitting there or a bunch of loose coins and other shit sitting in the back of the door. I’m straight up not having a good time when I have to go do laundry. And the worst thing is that some smart-ass keeps leaving a bunch of Tide Pods everywhere and overflowing the detergent compartments and writing on a Sticky Note, “You’ve just been Podded.” I already hate this guy.

But this isn’t over bro. Oh no, he had to take it a step further and podded my fuckin’ Hydro Flask. I left it next to me in my Finance class, went to the bathroom, came back and took a sip, and the Tide Pod was in the way. I took the Tide Pod and threw it at my professor before storming out, I was so pissed.

I’ve seen other people complaining about some guy leaving Tide Pods in their water bottles on Facebook and Instagram, so I think we’ve got a grade-A douchebag on our hands here. I swear if I find out who it is I’ll Pod his backpack. That’ll show him. Anyway, now where did I leave my detergent?

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