University Study Finds That “It Do Be Like That Sometimes”

By Pete Peterson

A new study released by a Fairfield University research team this past Monday has found concrete evidence that “It Do Be Like That Sometimes.”  This is after a controversial argument began years ago, when an epidemic broke out across the internet. Millions of users began discussing how “It be like that sometimes,” normally when they were confronted with insurmountable obstacles in life.  A battle then started, as Boomers became confused and angry with the lack of grammar and basis in reality.  

With tensions high between the young and the old, Fairfield University’s renowned research department was contracted to get to the bottom of the debate once and for all.  The funding was a joint venture between the government and a private donor. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton, along with Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein worked with the University in 2016 to initiate the study.

After over three years of non-stop research, using methods including fMRIs and prostate exams, the team was confidently able to conclude that “It do be like that sometimes.” This is a major breakthrough, as now that there is an established base for how it be, the team plans to look into if “It really do be like that sometimes.” Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson’s estate have already pledged to donate $6.9 million to fund the new study.

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