Op-Ed: The Tully Has Betrayed Us

By Nathan Schmidt

To Sodexo:

This is an open letter to you, concerning the grievance inflicted on the student body and my own person this week.

I believed in you. I believed in the food at the Tully. You promised the world to us when the dining hall was renovated. You delivered for such a long time. It wasn’t a perfect dream, but we were living it.

Then this happened. How can you live with yourselves? How can you insult the foundation of food so outrageously?

I’m certain I speak for many in the student body when I say I wouldn’t even mind vegan cookies in general. But we live in a society governed by morals, and there is an imperative to serve one another humanely. That very well includes serving food. This week, you served vegan oatmeal raisin cookies in the right-hand cookie jar. And that is unforgivable.

Furthermore, the cookies in the left-hand cookie jar were just ordinary sugar cookies. Not even chocolate chip. You broke my heart that day.

Know that for the remainder of the semester, I will be taking my business to the Levee, where I will have only the comparatively minor inconvenience of wading through a sea of prep students to obtain my meals.


Nathan Schmidt

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