Report: 90% of Male Business Majors Cite “The Wolf of Wall Street” as Inspiration

By Mike Wishart

Drugs. Prostitutes. Financial Fraud. The average person may hear these phrases and think of Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street.” But if a Dolan Business School student were to hear them, there is a chance they would picture their future.

A campus study has found that a whopping 90% of male students in the business school have chosen their career path because they were inspired by the Academy Award nominated movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The critically acclaimed film based on the life of corrupt brokerage firm founder Jordan Belfort is a portrait of a flawed man, seduced by wealth and greed, whose pursuit of riches ultimately brings about his downfall.

“Aw dude that movie is so sick,” said Eric ’21, an economics major. “as soon as I saw that movie I knew I had to be a stockbroker. Doing cocaine and getting with models, that’s the life.”

The movie sensationalizes the life of this notorious white collar criminal, as he scams people out of money, climbing up the Wall Street ranks, committing countless felonies along the way, and rattling off more iconic lines than you can shake a bottle of quaaludes at.

“It’s the only reason I’m in the business school,” said Brad ‘20. “Honestly, I’m not really into all the numbers and the economy or whatever, but in that movie Leonardo DiCaprio was driving a Ferrari and hooking up with Margot Robbie and that’s dope,” he concluded, referencing actress Margot Robbie’s character Naomi, whom Jordan Belfort cheats on his wife with and eventually leaves her for.

What this group of young men may lack in knowledge of the brokerage profession, they more than make up for in their passion for ill-gained glamor. Whatever the reason is for their desired career, the hope is that the completion of the new school of business can produce the next Jordan Belfort while also staying true to the Jesuit values Fairfield University holds dear.

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