FUSA Senate Passes Resolution to Recognize Summer Vacation

By Nathan Schmidt

In a jubilant but confusing turn of events, this week’s FUSA senate meeting resulted in the senators passing a resolution to recognize and support Fairfield University’s summer vacation. The three-and-a-half months between spring and fall semesters each summer, which have always divided apart academic years by Fairfield tradition, now officially have the backing of the two dozen or so students who attend and vote at the senate meetings.

FUSA senator Joey Lannels ‘22 spoke to Stagnation reporters during an impromptu surprise interview outside the Barone Campus Center lower level restrooms. Sweating nervously and shifting in place, the freshman attempted to explain what he and his fellow senators had used their time and energy on during the previous evening’s meeting.

“Well, you see, FUSA represents the student body,” Lannels said, his eyes darting from side to side. “And it’s important for the FUSA senate to speak out and support the, ah, the beneficial nature of summer vacation. Our resolution is a very good idea, and I fully support it. And by doing that, that is, by passing it, we’re able to show support for the values that students have. I’m saying the word ‘support’ too many times. Can we start over?”

This resolution is not the first of its kind. FUSA’s senate record, accessible on the group’s website, indicates that this year the senate has already passed resolutions recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month. It continues to be highly unclear what difference, if any, is made by FUSA declaring its support for a calendar event already observed by Fairfield students and faculty, but their latest resolution is undoubtedly an addition to the list.

Sources speculate that if the resolution is well-received, FUSA senators may also pass a resolution in support of having classes during semesters.

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