Ford Releases New Bronco, OJ Seeks Royalties For Every White One Sold

By Marvin Irwin

If you love off-road capabilities, durability, double homicide, and American engineering, then Ford has just released the perfect car for you. 

This past year, Ford announced that it was bringing back its iconic SUV, the Ford Bronco. Bringing back the Bronco makes a lot of sense for Ford.  The Bronco is one of its most famous vehicles. Ford insists its fame is solely due to its performance and not its role in any sort flea from justice murder. 

When Ford revealed the colors that the new Bronco would be available in, more than a couple of eyebrows were raised. Shadow Black, Iconic Silver, and Carbonized Gray all sounded a-okay. But then you see the fourth option, which will no doubt be the best seller. Oxford White. 

On a personal note, when I heard a new Bronco was coming, I really didn’t think that Ford would have the nerve to release it in white. But here it is. Starting at just $26,820, you can cruise down the highway and pretend that you are one of the greatest dual athletes of all time. What Bo Jackson was to football and baseball, OJ Simpson was to football and murder. 

With such a sure-fire hit of a product hitting the market, the man who is responsible for its fame is looking to get his cut (poor choice of words). OJ Simpson has filed a motion to get a percentage of all sales of white Ford Broncos, stating that he is responsible for the popularity of the vehicle. 

Continuing to act how a man who murdered two people shouldn’t, OJ has even suggested making an exclusive “OJ Edition” of the new car. Some of the proposed upgrades would include a set of driving gloves that are a size too small, an audiobook of his bestseller “If I Did It,” and a GPS tracking system that can always find your wife. 

Ford has declined to comment on Mr. Simpson’s business proposition. Ford also declined to comment whether or not people buying the white Bronco are being put on a watchlist.  

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