New Job Opening: Driving the COVID Cart

By Rosemary Harper

Fairfield University’s Department of Public Safety has recently posted a job opening for students to drive the cart that shuttles students to and from the old Dolan School of Business, where those with positive cases are quarantined for a 14-day period. All students are eligible to apply for this position, regardless of driver’s license status and experience behind the wheel.

While all students are eligible (and encouraged) to apply, DPS requires someone willing to push their limits of speed and tolerance of safety. If you aren’t willing to push the cart to joyride speeds (especially in slippery ice and snow) while transporting a student, we encourage you to look for other positions. Fairfield Covid Cart Drivers need nerves and skulls of steel. The application is simple: all we need is your name and next of kin. 

If successful you will join a team of 1 in order to transport students as required. Due to the risks associated with this role, including the high possibility of exposure to the virus, the University will compensate you with an extra dollar every semester. The successful applicant will also receive a commemorative stag t-shirt.

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