Fairfield University Gets Into USA Today

By Nathan Schmidt

After the rocky start to the semester, Fairfield University has scored a major publicity win: We have been included in a USA Today article! The article, which went online yesterday, contained a genuinely thoughtful contribution from campus writers about the student body’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. USA Today has accordingly given Fairfield all of its due honors and respect, in full view of the world.

“I’m just really proud to see our university getting featured,” said junior business student Lauren Feldenseare ‘21, who had not read the article. “It’s so exciting to see us getting out there and staying at the tops of all the lists.”

The article is a badly needed publicity boost for Fairfield amid the general tumult of the pandemic. Students have struggled to pursue their social lives while simultaneously obeying rules to prevent disease transmission. But now that the university has been included in a list of highly honorable mentions, the challenge of public relations has met its remedy.

Any students or faculty who spread word of the article, entitled “’So much for honor’: Despite COVID cases, college students partied Labor Day weekend away,” are sure to do Fairfield a great service.

The USA Today article can be accessed at the following URL:


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