Stagnation Writer Wins Coveted Journalism Award

By Pete Peterson

It has been years in the making, but it has finally happened: a Stagnation writer has won an award.  Often overlooked due to its small size, Stagnation had zero nominations for major awards before this year.  But things are looking a little bit different after writer Pete Peterson was awarded the “Alex Jones Journalism Award for Good and Truthful Journalisming.”

The award, which has been considered the equivalent of the Oscar for Best Picture in the Journalism field, was announced February 30th.  It was created in 2015 by Alexander Jones, the acclaimed scientist, philanthroper, journalist, and businessman and public speaker. The purpose of the award is to “recognize greatness among journalists who fight against the fake news and dig deep to find the truth in a volcano of lies.”

Each year, three journalists at the top of their field are nominated by an Incel sub-reddit.  This year, the three nominees were Sean Hannity of Fox News, @Karentheantivaxmom of Twitter, and Pete Peterson of Stagnation.  The committee said that “It was a tough decision between Mr. Hannity and Mr. Peterson, but after his reporting on Roger R. Abbot’s landmark lawsuit against General Mills, we couldn’t not give it to him”.

Mr. Peterson accepted the award from Alex Jones at Madison Square Garden, in front of a crowd of millions.  During his acceptance speech, Pete Peterson was overcome by emotion but he did not cry or anything that those soft Hollywood elites do.  “It’s been a long time coming.” said Mr. Peterson. “I feel like DiCaprio after The Revenant right now.  This is incredible.”  He continued to then thank himself for “being so good at journalism and writing,” Alex Jones for “acknowledging his quest for the truthful facts,” and lastly God for “making him so good and journalism and writing and guiding Alex Jones to acknowledge his quest for truthful facts.”

It is truly a momentous day, not only for journalism, but for the United States of America.

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