Titus Andronicus on Ice Review

By Frederick “Quickie” Mercurium

Before Fairfield University’s theatre crew could present the Shakespeare tragedy, Titus Andronicus, I was given access to another collaborative work with Webster Bank Arena. This work was being funded by the English department in an effort to be faithful and family friendly to the local community. This was, of course, reviewed by the Parent Community Committee, who have taken liberties in adjusting the plot of the story. I was offered to view a test performance.

The strangest thing that the PCC did was changing the majority of the characters’ names, such as Titus to Toby and Lavinia to Lucy. Besides this were the multiple musical numbers for scenes in the show such as “An Eye For A Guy” and “Toby’s Sad Song”, which have shifted the tremendously dark nature of the story into a Broadway musical type of show.

Fairfield professors such as Dr. Jeffrey Not-Epstein have ridiculed and boycotted the show for its departure of classical tragedy. The numerous scenes that depicted scenes of violence and gore were ultimately shortened to excuses of bruises and people leaving to see the doctor. The departure of the Roman period in favor of 2020 culture has drastically ruined the show’s terrible reputation into something worse than originally intended

To put it simply, the play was cringey, over-the-top, and downright disturbing. The revision takes away any significance that we were given in the original script. 

4 out of 5, a play for just about everyone.

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