Fairfield Reveals Plans to Knock Down Canisius, Build Third Business School

By Nathan Schmidt

This week, campus officials proudly announced that over the summer, Canisius Hall will be demolished and replaced with a third School of Business building. The venerable building, which has stood as the center of the College of Arts & Sciences classes since its construction in the 1950s, is far behind code and in desperate need of renovation. Therefore, Fairfield University is doing the only sensible thing, and replacing it with an environment for even more business classes.

The new building, called the “Charles F. Dolan School of Business Mk. 2,” or “DSB II” for short, will join the new Dolan School of Business nearby the Quick Center, scheduled to be finished over the summer by the Gilbane construction company. Like the first new DSB, this even newer DSB II will feature tastefully modern architecture and cutting-edge classroom technology. Most importantly, it will help erase the legacy of the outdated Canisius Hall and its defective heating once and for all.

Business professor Jeremiah Langueton commented to Stagnation reporters about the new construction, saying, “I’m looking forward to using the new modular partition system to spread my students around two or three classrooms at a time. This is the sort of usage of space on campus the School of Business has always needed. We’ll be in the top of our category nationwide in no time, believe it.”

With the demolition of Canisius, all Arts & Sciences classes for the fall 2019 semester will be held in the five or so classrooms in Donnarumma Hall.

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