Fairfield University Brings in Black History Month with Macklemore Q&A on Racial Justice

By Pete Peterson

If there is one person who could end racism forever, it’s the white guy who won Beat Kendrick Lamar for Best Rap Album at the Grammys with “Thrift Shop”.  I know that, you know that, and Fairfield knows that, which is exactly why Macklemore was paid $22,000 to have a Q&A on social justice with students.

The wildly popular event, attended by a record-breaking 34 students, dove straight into the tough questions.  Macklemore, wearing a Notre Dame hat and Ferris Bueller’s vest, presented a difficult question, asking students “Wait, where is Fairfield?”  The dedication to not knowing where a predominately white school is located is incredible, a dedication matched only by Martin Luther King Jr. and Floyd Mayweather.  

During the discussion on racial justice, Macklemore, writer and performer of “The Penis Song”, made brave claims such as “Yo, racism should be illegal” and “Obama should run for a third term.”  He also brought up the sole blemish on Fairfield’s racial history: the “Ghetto Party” of ‘16.  The white rapper explained why it is wrong to take something from another culture and exploit it for your own gains or entertainment.  

Overall, the event was a huge success.  The students learned about diversity at a school where less than 5% of the student body is Black, and the rapper who can’t say the n-word learned the location of the school he was speaking at. For the University’s next event, Harvey Weinstein will give one-on-one lectures about workplace equality.

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