Students Petition to Normalize Celebrating Three-Quarter Birthdays

By April Griffin

The COVID-19 quarantine has not made life easy for most. Citizens have had to deal with the loss of life’s greatest moments. The toughest loss of all: birthdays.

A group of students were especially affected by the inability to celebrate with their friends and families and wanted to take action. As life slowly returns to normal, this group of second year students came up with the solution to start celebrating three-quarter birthdays.

“You only turn 19 and 9 months once,” sophomore Sue Flay argues, who didn’t celebrate her birthday on March 21. “I think it’s much more memorable to choose when I want to celebrate my birthday rather than being forced to in the spring.”

The students also mentioned that half birthdays have been way overdone. When asked why not celebrate one-quarter birthdays instead, a round of laughter ensued. “One-quarter birthdays?” retorted Joe King, ’23. “Now you’re just talking nonsense.”

Flay wasn’t the only one looking forward to the change in birthday celebration date. “We’re planning a surprise party for Sue, and I couldn’t be more excited,” says Hugh Morris ’23. “We’re inviting seventy-five percent of her friends and plan to watch an hour and a half of a two hour movie. The party is from 4 PM to 10 PM, but we’re kicking everyone out at 8:30. It’s gonna be awesome.” Morris also plans to give a fourth of the birthday cake to Flay’s friends who didn’t make the invite list.

Anyone who would like to join the campaign should have attended their general information session last Tuesday, September 22 at noon. Fortunately, there will be another opportunity to find out more information next year on the three-quarter mark of 2021.

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