Curfew Moved to 12 Noon

By Rosemary Harper

Like all other higher education institutions around the country, Fairfield U has been battling the COVID 19 pandemic. This semester, new and returning students were sensibly slapped with a wide range of COVID-safe guidelines to follow, ranging from mandatory mask wearing and social distancing to limiting the number of students allowed in one place at a time (10) and a campus wide curfew of 11 PM. However due to the rise in cases since classes began three weeks ago, the University has decided to “kick it up a notch.”

An email from the Office of the Dean of Students was sent out this morning informing students of the new curfew. Effective from Friday the 25th of September, residential students will be allowed to freely roam campus from 11 AM to 12 PM, at which time they will have to report back to their assigned housing.  In an interview with DPS officer Ron Grappes, Stagnation reporters found out about what the consequences would be for students found outside their housing during the 23-hour curfew period: 

“Anyone that we find outside will have to take a 12-hour coronavirus prevention program and achieve two negative COVID-19 test results and write a formal 10 page, 12 point font, double spaced MLA style apology letter stating their regret. Don’t forget to cite your sources.  We mean business”. 

For anyone who is unlucky enough to be caught outside during curfew, students trained in Dwight K. Schrute style apologetic writing are available to help in the University Writing Center located in the Library.  

Be sure to follow Stagnation for updates on the University’s evolving situation. 

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