Theatre Major Thinks TV is Beneath Them, Ends Up Fighting Desperate Film Major

By Willoughby Humphrey

I was perusing through the Career Fair when I witnessed an engaging bout of discussion between what appeared to be a Theatre major and a Film, Television and Media Arts major. They were in a heated debate right next to a talent agency table. The agency was mainly looking for actors for small TV roles and commercials, and it appeared that the thespian did not agree with the company’s inclusion as being on the list of appealing to theatre majors.

‘Twas then that a Film major heard this scoff and started to rail against the theatre major, saying that both of them are lucky enough to get any kind of related job anyway, and that he should be more grateful. The young man turned up his nose in a way that reminded me of myself so many years ago and said she was delusional to give up her artistic ambition for the degradation of advertisement.

She called him a pretentious ninny or some such insult, and the fight was on with lots of yelling, people called over, and grappling between them. It was good sporting fun I’d say. But eventually the scuffle was over, with hurt feelings and tails ‘twixt their legs on all sides. The theatre majors left in a choreographed ensemble, snapping their fingers as they left, while the film majors made sure to get artistic shots of the hallway to insert in their student films. The one studio art major stomped off in frustration. If nothing else, she rather likely has some good inspiration now.

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