“Straight Outta Campion” Says Student Who Has Never Left the Suburbs

By Gracianne Eldrenkamp

FAIRFIELD, CT—Ever since undeclared business major and intramural lacrosse player, Chad Murphy ‘21 has arrived on campus, he has been doing his best to assimilate into the Fairfield University lifestyle. His wardrobe consists of exclusively Vineyard Vines long-sleeve shirts and Adidas slides. He’s worships Quentin Tarantino films, and he’s even earned the coveted nickname, C-Money.

One could say Chad Murphy is the perfect student to represent the Fairfield community, and that’s exactly why it’s so strange that he’s in the middle of a Campion scandal.

According to students, professors, and Jesuits, Murphy has been using the phrase, “Straight Outta Campion” excessively in public spaces. Murphy’s use of the phrase can be directly linked to multiple calamities, including, but not limited to: fist fights, class cancellations, record high drug and alcohol use, and, in one unexpected instance, a small fire in Regis’ lounge.

When asked why he uses the phrase, Murphy simply said, “I just really love Campion. Who wouldn’t? It’s pretty lit.”

That justification seemed lackluster for most of the student body, so there has been many different hypotheses about the true reason. The most popular theory talks about Murphy using the phrase to show his pride for both the freshman dormitory and his urban hometown; however, his friends disagree.

“I’ve known Chad my entire life,” said fellow intramural lacrosse player and childhood friend of Murphy, Ethan Williams ‘19, “He hasn’t even made it to New York City and we live, like, an hour away.”

The phrase refers to the rap group, N.W.A.’s 1988 album, “Straight Outta Compton,” and the 2015 movie of the same name. Both the film and album were famous for their controversial themes of racism and police brutality. This has caused speculation that Murphy is using the phrase “Straight Outta Campion” as social commentary.

“I’ve never heard that album, but I’ve seen the trailer for the movie, and it looks pretty dope,” commented Murphy, extinguishing those rumors.

People may say Murphy peaked in high school, but he disagrees. He’s determined to make the best of this scandal and create a eternal legacy for himself.

“I’m thinking about getting it tattooed. It’d look good next to the Cleveland Browns tattoo on my arm,” said Murphy.

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