The Memo Has Been Released!

By Zachary Quinones

Often referred to as the ‘Nunes’ memo, this document has been released to the public as part of the investigation of potential abuses by the FBI, DOJ, and the Democratic National Committee. After careful analysis of the memo, one can conclude that members of the Democratic National Committee were trying to obtain the source Russian candy from the Trump campaign because they were jealous of the discount that the Trump camp was getting during the election.

The candy, ‘Korovka’, is known to be a candy with such a decadent toffee flavor, so much so that entranced the Trump campaign and enticed the Clinton campaign. The Democratic National Committee had profound interest in this toffee dream, so much so that they filed to wiretap the Trump campaign so as to find the source of this delicious candy. As it turns out, this isn’t very legal, so the memo is clearly evidence that the Democratic National Committee colluded with the FBI and DOJ to find evidence of this Russia collusion of candy.

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