Fairfield Tops Diversity Rating

By Bill Sundae Jr.

Fairfield University raised the standard for diversity once again, setting an example for all U.S. colleges to follow.

Colleges Now, an academic journal that investigates college diversity across the nation, reported in its most recent issue that Fairfield University broke records for admitting a high volume of students from parts of the world that are still developing, like Uganda, Somalia, and Utah.

To determine how students view the university’s public image, Stagnation reporters asked random students to describe the school in just a word or two.  To nobody’s surprise, frequent responses included “salad bowl,” “mosaic,” and “interracial.”

However, these ratings left other members of the Fairfield community feeling embittered.  Students such as Shiva Metimbers ’20 have gone so far as to accuse Fairfield of partiality and racial bias.

“For whatever reason, hardly any upper-middle class Caucasians attend Fairfield!” said Shiva.

A mere 5% of Fairfield University’s Class of 2021 come from upper-middle class Caucasian families, and only 19.5% of all current Fairfield University students identify as Caucasian.

“In my eyes, the absence of that demographic is dark and gaping,” said Shiva.

John White, a correspondent from Fairfield’s Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs office, believes that Fairfield’s newfound fame as the epitome of multiculturalism in America has its roots in Jesuit values.

“Fairfield strives to live up to Jesuit values, which basically accounts for the sheer diversity of its student body,” said White. “It is no secret that Fairfield strives to fully embody the value of ‘diversity’ by inviting students from a broad array of races, cultures, countries, and socioeconomic status to join the ranks of Fairfield’s superb alumni.”

With Fairfield now fully living out the “diversity” component of its mission statement, will it successfully handle the criticisms and pressures of being America’s most diverse school? Only time will tell.

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