Crime Feat: Week of 1/22

Friday, 1/26

8:49 p.m.—A resident assistant in Campion Hall notified Public Safety after a group of students barricaded the bathroom door. Two public safety officers arrived, announced themselves, and were able to enter the bathroom. The floors were flooded, and DPS officers found clogged shower drains and ripped garbage bags so that students could make a “makeshift slip and slide” to commemorate the new semester. All students involved were referred to student conduct and fined.

Saturday, 1/27

2:58 a.m.—A ten-seat tandem bike (Wow!!! Someone actually has nine other friends) was reported damaged outside the Townhouse 11 block. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Public Safety.

Sunday, 1/28

3:31 p.m.—A student came to Public Safety and stated that someone broke the window of her vehicle, parked in the Regis Hall lot. Upon investigation, a DPS officer found that the passenger side window was broken and that goddamn unfinished water bottle next to your goddamn bed at 3:00 a.m. was lying on the passenger seat. Nothing was stolen from the vehicle. Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward to Public Safety.

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