Campus Trump Supporters Seek To Ban Transfer Students

By Spencer Irwin

In an age where people are becoming increasingly hostile towards outsiders, the pristine campus of Fairfield University is no exception. A handful of demonstrators gathered around the stag statue on an otherwise beautiful Monday afternoon to push their anti-transfer student agenda. The air was so thick with irrational rage you could cut it with a busted Natural Light can. Their threatening calls for change echoed through campus like the pounding of an RA’s fist on a dorm door.

“I just don’t see why anyone would want them to come here,” said Alex Brick ‘19 using his outdoor voice, “they’re only coming to this school because they spent too much time partying and not enough time studying where they were before. And now they think they can come here and do the same thing.”

I had hoped to hear more of Alex’s opinion on the matter but he was already running late for a party he had that Monday night. Seeking to gain a better understanding of their loose collection of thoughts that they called their agenda, I spoke to some of the other members of the group.

“Where do we draw the line?” asked Derek Floor ‘20. “I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of calling someone that shows up here halfway through their college experience a Fairfield student,” he added, with the forceful tone of an antagonist in a video about sexual assault.

“They just don’t understand how we do things here,” Derek raged on, veins popping out of his forehead. “If you want to be a Fairfield student you need to forget how you used to do things at the school you came from,” he exclaimed, now mere inches from my face. Other members of the group that I spoke with echoed his sentiments, with the exception of one young man who had mistaken their protest for a cocaine legalization rally.   

The group’s goal with their demonstrations is to get President Nemec to take action, and ultimately bring an end to their imagined suffering. But their proposed ban on transfer students is just the beginning. Derek and his group are pushing for sweeping reforms across campus. The list includes closure of the university gates at all times, prohibiting apparel of other colleges, and ceasing Fairfield sporting events that allow players from other universities on campus.

“I’m doing this because I really do care about this school,” Derek concluded. “I just want Fairfield to return to being the community that made me want to transfer here a year and a half ago.”  


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