Swimmer Mistakes Dolan Pond for RecPlex Pool

By Amy Beth

Following the near drowning incident due to the frigid temperatures of the Dolan Pond, swimmer Rebecca Fin agreed to sit for an interview with Stagnation.

Stagnation: Thanks so much for taking the time to be with us today.

Rebecca: It’s an honor to be here!

S: Let’s begin, given that you are a sophomore, is it safe to say that you know your way around campus?

R: Yes, but I still am confused by all the Dolans.

S: Yes, there are many Dolans, but from what I can see Dolan Pond is very different than the Business School. Can you tell us what happened on Friday February 2nd?

R: Well, it was very cold and dark, around 8 p.m. We were having a meet that night, so I was walking from my dorm to the RecPlex when I heard the wind calling my name, so I followed the wind, which led me to a patch of trees.

S: Has this happened before? Do you often follow the wind?

R: It is one of my superstitions. Some people sing before they compete, others eat Skittles, and I, uh, follow the wind.

S: The wind took you to some trees…

R: Yes, so I followed the wind to the trees and I could hear some water moving so I figured I was close to the pool. I got a bit closer… the pool was not rectangular. But, you know, the wind was calling my name. I had to follow it.

S: And then what happened?

R: I got closer and closer to the water for I was looking for my teammates. Last Friday was a HUGE meet. I couldn’t quite find my teammates or the opponents.

S: So you were the only one there?

R: The wind was with me. I thought I saw shadows of my teammates.

S: Can you explain to us how you ended up in the hospital?

R: It is a kinda hazy memory. But what I can remember is hearing a horn, probably from a car, and the horn sounded like the gun going off. Since it was a HUGE meet, I dove in quickly to try to win my race. Something did not quite feel right. There was lots of residue, leaves, and maybe even feces in the water. The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital….Did I win?

S: I think your trophy is lost at the bottom of the pond. You didn’t notice the ice in the water?

R: No, I really wanted to win.

S: All of here at Stagnation are happy that you are alive.

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