Stagnation Writers Stage Administrative Coup

By Brad Wilson

At last week’s Stagnation meeting, the four active members of Stagnation discussed the inactivity of our satirical newspaper. We also discussed staging a coup to overthrow the older e-board, which worked well because nobody on the older e-board was there. It was a very successful coup. We then agreed to abide to a leaderless, self governing system of total anarchy until further notice.

We had to leave ten minutes early so that the next club could set up for their meeting, even though we had the room explicitly reserved until 8 PM. The author would just like to publicly boo them. The four coup leaders will be taking this up with COSO. We would not have had to leave this early if we did not appear as four friends hanging out in a room. We appear to be a completely dormant club. What we really need is more writers. If you like roasting yourself or your peers in a completely harmless way, please contact us at 1-800-roastfu or at Meetings are on Tuesdays at 7 in BCC 204. It’s basically social hour. All are welcome unless you are a creep or your first name is Alyssa.

Editor’s Note: The contact information in this article is not real. Please use the form on this website or email if you wish to contact Stagnation.

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